Presentation of Alan D. Sugarman HyperLaw

American Association of Law Libraries 2009

Alan Sugarman will be making a presentation at the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Convention on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at 2:30 PM "Public Access to the Law in the YaOogle Age", Session J-3.


The Chair of the session is Camilla Tubbs of Yale Law School. Professor Michael W. Carroll of American University, Washington College of Law is also on the panel. He is a founding member of Creative Commons.


Summary of Sugarman Presentation

Complete Sugarman Presentation With Notes 4MB.



HyperLaw and Matthew Bender v. West Information

HyperLaw Report July, 1995 - Newsletter For AALL 1995 Pittsburgh Annual Meeting

Gary Wolf, Who Owns the Law, Wired, 2004


Letters from HyperLaw to Federal Judiciary:

May 7, 2008 White Paper "Letter" - HyperLaw to Administrative Office of U.S. Courts

July 8, 2009 Letter - HyperLaw to Administrative Office with attachments objecting to the federal judiciary asserting to Congress that it has exceeded the requirements of the E-Government Act of 2002.


Correspondence Concerning the May 7, 2008 White Paper letter from HyperLaw:

May 9, 2008 Letter - HyperLaw to Senator J. Lieberman

May 9, 2008 Letter - HyperLaw to AO Enclosing Lieberman Letter

June 2, 2008 Letter - James C. Duff of AO to HyperLaw

June 30, 2008 Letter - Sugarman HyperLaw to Duff-AO

July 28, 2008 Letter - Judge Tunheim to Sugarman-HyperLaw

January 27, 2009 Letter - Judge Tunheim to Sugarman - HyperLaw


Documents Attached to July 8, 2009 HyperLaw letter to Administrative Office:

April 16, 2009 Letter Administrative Office to Senate re E-Government Act

May 6, 2005 Judicial Conference Advisory Committee FRAP Rule 32.1

July, 2007 Third Branch - Federal Judiciary - Access to Court Information

July 2009, Third Branch - Federal Judiciary - Compliance With E-Government Act

Pacer Statement - Written Opinions Report - Spirit of E Government Act

Feb. 5, 2009, Schultze - Preliminary Analysis of Written Opinions Report



John B. West, Multiplicity of Court Opinions. 1909.

Robert Oakley to Senator John Warner, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, August 21, 1998.


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