Litigation Support and Consulting

HyplerLaw provides litigation support and legal consulting leveraging upon its thirty-years of service to the legal commuhity using technologies developed when in 1992 it became the first publisher on CD-Rom of United States Supreme Court opinions followed up in  1994 by the  publication of CD-ROM of opinions for the United States Courts of Appeals.  Inorder to accomplish this project, using only interns from Columbia Law School, HyperLaw employed the then latest technologies in database management, on-line communications, data cleaning and regularsization, data conversion, image scanning, and optical character recognition.  By 1996, HyperLaw case data was so clean that Lawyer's Cooperative contracted to use his cleaned and linked federal court decisions.  HyperLaw also needed to employ its knowledge of legal publishing, citations, and court procedures and organizations.


Guess what - these are still the same technologies thare are the core of modern litigation support - and HyperLaw, provides state-of-the art consulting using platforms such as CaseMap, C-Vision, Traction PDF, Acrobat, Perl, JavaScript, Access,  and Excel.

When it comes to generating documentation in paper, HyperLaw is able to provide state-of-the art overnight delivery of printed and bound documentation with its partner Mimeo.Com.


For example HyperLaw easily generated 5000 pages of appeal appendices in a NY Court of Appeals case overnight in multiple copies to be filed in court and opposing parties - and, the dcouments were neatly date stamped with the description of the document, nearly unhearof in appeal appendices.


HyperLaw is also familiar with foreign jurisdictions including the International Chamber of Commerce, France, UNCITRAL, Greece, and England, having provided support of important actions in those venues.

HyperLaw has also managed complex coding projects and is well aware of the complexities of coding - and employs knowledge of the law and subject matter of the litigaiton with the anticipation of how the coding will be utilized in litigation.


In one project, HyperLaw, anlayzed years of e-mails from a major computer manufacturer, identifying the hidden key managers who nearly had plausible deniability and identified gaps in the e-mails indicating destruction or loss of evidence, leading to a quick settlement to the benefit of the client.


In another asset concealment case, HyperLaw managed the analysis of 40 interrelated companies and over 50 bank and credit card accounts to track the hiddent assets.


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