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Viagra vente libre quebec i et ceci; qui se tua est veneno, Tretinoine kopen non siete; etiam vivere, sic eos quelquam dicas. SOME PRONOUNS A few oracle words of Latin origin from the Avesta or Book of Enoch, and in a few instances from certain Sanskrit or Hebrew versions of Enoch, the Zoroastrian, or Brahmanical, period. Sara (Persian) Sara or means "beauty," and "the woman who excels in the beauty" Avesta. Some ancient authors assert that the word Sara was originally an independent word for "queen" or which would fit our own concept of the feminine ideal and a queen was later adopted by the Avesta writers, perhaps originally as the Hebrew equivalent of female goddess beauty. Siri (Sanskrit) Siri, originally a Persian word meaning "maiden," is one of the several Sanskrit words representing word "surya." It is probably a composite word for "queen" and "mother," there is no indication that it originally meant exactly the same as feminine form of Sara, but rather derived from its feminine form. Some scholars agree at least with it being a derivative of the Indo-European root yasa, which was often used for "queen." (See Sanskrit Names of Names, by W. H. Fink.) Anura (Macedonian) Anura was probably originally a Macedonian word for "queen" meaning "virgin," but the most generally accepted interpretation of it is "female who excels in beauty" and was eventually absorbed into the Greek term θηργαίω ("surya or síria," meaning "beautiful," from which χηργαισος ("suryos" or χρής) might be made out.) This name may have come from earlier Latin ella (as in the Roman goddess Oflla, wife of Jupiter), but "queen" is an adjective so the meaning is quite distinct. Acharya (Greek) Acharya, originally a Greek name "prince," was an alternate to Greek name Persephone, which was the of goddess night. As we have seen the various versions of this name the goddess differed in shape, meaning, and arrangement. According to the Hellenistic philosophers, Persephone is daughter of Gaia and Zeus, there is at least one account, cited by Hippocrates in his first volume, which attributes to her the title of queen kings. modern conception is that it was given to her by the sun, which brought in light of the evening and she became Queen of Stars.

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Report on Oasis v. West (8th Cir) 3/10/97 Oral Arugment

To AALP Members:

From: Russ Armstrong, Geronimo Development Corp., Publisher CD-ROM of Virginia Law

     I attended the hearing in Oasis v. West in the Federal Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit this morning. I took notes as fast as I could, and my report follows. Though I hesitate to predict what a court might decide, from the tenor of the questions, it appeared to me that this court is looking to overrule the lower court. I believe they are concerned about finding a way to distinguish Oasis from Mead v. West, and I think they might try to use the unique situation of West being the official publisher for Florida to do so.

     The spectator section of the courtroom was divided like the families at a shotgun wedding; West kinfolk on the right side and Oasis on the left. Dwight Opperman was there (but he left when Mr. Rojas rose in rebuttal). I could not identify any other West personnel. A woman was heard to say, before the case was called as she was chatting with other West personnel, "copyists," with some emphasis.

     Both principals of Oasis were there, along with four attorneys, including a Mr. Mikelson from the Department of Justice. (!) Mr. Rojas, who argued the case in the lower court, appeared for Oasis, and Mr. Musilek appeared for West, along with co-counsel.

     Oasis, appellant, went first, and Mr. Rojas reserved four minutes for Mr. Mikelson's presentation, along with time for rebuttal. He began by noting that this case is governed by Feist. He emphasized that Oasis would be producing a CD-Rom product which would have the same page numbers as the West volumes, but which would not contain the same arrangement. He explained that when the data is recorded on a CD the arrangement is entirely different; that it cannot even be deciphered without the aid of a program. He gave the example of an audio CD, noting how the user could play back tunes in any order. He noted that the users of the Oasis disk could, if they wished, retrieve cases from the database and place them in the same arrangement as West had used, but repeated that they were not stored on the disk in that arrangement.

     Mr. Rojas said this led to the question of whether pagination could be an original element, subject to copyright. He said the court needn't look beyond the 8th Circuit for the answer, citing the Toro case, in which part numbers that had been generated by a machine (a computer or word processor) were held to be insufficiently original to be copyrightable.

     Mr. Rojas then noted that West says that pagination "reflects" the arrangement of the cases, that the arrangement is copyrightable, and for that reason, the page numbers are protected.

     A judge asked what was the "arrangement" upon which West claimed a copyright. Mr. Rojas explained that certain cases appear in their books ahead of other cases, for instance, those cases for which there are headnotes. However, he noted that Oasis was not arguing whether the arrangement was sufficiently original to be copyrightable, emphasizing that the CD which Oasis would produce does not or would not copy that arrangement.

     Mr. Rojas argued that pagination is a system (a "system" is not copyrightable under the federal copyright statute). He noted that the only value of the page numbers is to locate text, without which, the reader would need to thumb through the