specialoffer.htm - 1998 

 Special Offer

We have received numerous inquiries concerning ordering  the CD-ROM that is discussed in the latest Second Circuit case on the copyright of pagination and text.

We will provide the last updated release--which is our mid-1998 release for a new, low price of just $19.99 !!

The CD will not be updated again until after the Supreme Court has decided whether or not to accept Certiorari.  The cost of updating and the usefulness of another update without the pagination and additional cases is questionable.

HOWEVER- - -We have entered into an agreement with a large company to update and distribute the product and also migrate it to the Internet as soon as the case is over.

In the meantime, the disk still contains tens of thousands of cases in a useful format--and we continue to provide it in a form that will allow you to use massive numbers of the cases for books, publications, specialty databases and the like!

To order, please e-mail to info@hyperlaw.com

No Telephone Calls Please!!