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HyperLaw, Inc. was established in 1991 as an electronic publisher of substantive information for the legal profession. Its primary publication medium is CD-ROM, using full-text retrieval, hypertext, and image retrieval technologies. HyperLaw will soon offer the same data on the Internet.

In February, 1992, HyperLaw released the first-ever CD-ROM of opinions of the United States Supreme Court, Supreme Court on Disc™. In July, 1993, HyperLaw released the first CD-ROM of United States Court of Appeals opinions, Federal Appeals on Disc ™, breaking the 100 year long monopoly held by the West Publishing Company.

Supreme Court on Disc™ was incorporated into Federal Appeals on Disc ™ when it was released creating one CD-ROM that meets all your research needs. The disc is updated on a quarterly basis. The current Federal Appeals on Disc ™ contains over 28,000 published and unpublished appellate decisions for all circuits since 1993, United States Supreme Court opinions and orders from 1990 to date, and the 1993 edition of the United States Code.

In July of 1995, HyperLaw began publication of The HyperLaw Report, a quarterly newsletter with information relating to electronic legal publishing, court dissemination of information, and public domain citation.

Also, in July of 1995, HyperLaw released a beta version of a paragraph numbering program designed to assist courts and others in the publication of electronic documents with a useful pin-point citation. HyperLaw's program provides a choice of paragraph numbering tags and formats and is a useful utility which avoids problems inherent to word-processing programs.

The company's founder and owner, Alan D. Sugarman, is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and has practiced law for many years in private law firms, government, and corporate law departments. He also hold a degree in electrical engineering. Contact. Alan D. Sugarman, President and CEO at sugarman@hyperlaw.com

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